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    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    This is our very first release. Hope ya'll enjoy = D

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This is our debut release


released December 10, 2010



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HISDAYHASCOME Du Bois, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: CLear Blue Skies
wake up open thoes tierd eyes its been so long since we’ve talked all night ill try and make up everything that I could not but I can not promise if that’s going to last and time will tell but it only moves so fast and I dont want to bring you down with me with wings ill fly I wont say goodbye and these tears you cry will never replace me ill walk down this path no Im never looking back and I have these lucid dreams times closing in on me I just cant escape it my teeth keep falling out and its getting hard to breath this nights keep repeating if we don’t ever make it out alive at least ill know on the inside that we tried yeah it was all in my head I think its time I take a chance I have to get away and clear my mind this time redefine still time slips by and feelings die but I never thought it would change so quickly theres just some things we cant take back.
Track Name: This may cause lung cancer
well im nervous that ill wake up the dead my conscience fails repeating through me head you don’t care and the rooms filling up with smoke and my anxiouties got me by the throat and ill make a choice but its probably not the best choice after all im waiting for this knot to come undone ive tried to refraine but temptations kill ive seen it all fall and just walk the other way its left me feeling empty so awkwardly at times I know in my heart its right still I cant get it off my mind because its tearing me apart im getting tierd of picking up the pieces to go right back at the start that’s how its always going to be when will this all get washed away with the sea? And we’ve hear it all before same shit said a thousand times and will we ever stop to notice we’re doing just fine
Track Name: Great Heights
are we getting closer? Or have we pushed our selves away? With so many expectations its just not that easy no I don’t ever seem to get it right but I, ive wiped away my tears rid of all my fears and I never thought we’d make it though thoes days so the past couple years ive been searching for a way out of here ive tried to run ive tried to hide it got me know where it was all I could do it was all for you do these relations seem to skip like a broken record we all make mistakes we push our lives to great hieghts just to be with you just want to be with you.
Track Name: Early morning departure
: should I admit defeat a lesson learned fall to my knees it feels so strange its cursed my name this place has lost its value the line is wearing thin and all this pressures pushing down on me I can not breath and my point of veiw means nothing no traces left behind he said as for me “ I will be forgotten” I know that things are not the same since the years you’ve been gone we’ve went our separate ways times are changing and so are we we’re not the kids we use to be and ive read your letters that you sent its time you stand on solid ground lets turn it down.
Track Name: Its reassuring to see you smile
lets make this right hey lets make this be okay we’ve had hard times and fight but this time im not hear to blame it needn’t be this difficult to have a conversation but as you turn and hide behind assumptions you push yourself away you choose to be alone but I feel the same just make the call ill be waiting by the phone with each new day it all seems the same like it couldn’t get much worse you can loose control but I don’t want to loose control when I feel oppertunities close I cant see the horizon lets tear down these walls please don’t let us fade away I want you to know you caught me by surprise when you said your loosing all that you valued most sometimes its hard to recognize what you want but I hope that you reach for the stars I know that you’ve already seen the light and how bright it shines we maynot always find our way we all get so lost in the frey this is all life has to offer and life waits for no one so lets tear down these walls please don’t let us fade away and when im overwhelmed with anguish its reassuring to see you smile.
Track Name: Where i belong...
in the basements where we call our home we sing these songs remember all those long drives and nights we’ve had with our friends I cant explain why I know where I belong right here singing these songs lets make tonight the best time we’ve ever had I’ve had trouble sleeping so cold my nose is bleeding and I cant feel my fingers or my toes am I dreaming? If I could get away just for awhile if we could tonight the best time